It’s a long commute to work and since I carpool, and don’t have to drive the majority of the time, I can do things like knit. It’s a good use of time and keeps me busy.

I got this pattern off Pinterest somewhere, and it sounded easy: basketweave dishcloth. Knits and purls, nothing fancy, back and forth, back and forth. The hardest part was just remembering which row I was on. I solved that problem by putting a checkmark next to the row I completed. It was going along smoothly, I thought, until I got to the end.

I didn’t do a proper finish on the end, even though I did bind off properly, but the tail, I tried to weave into the binded off yarn. That was not the way to do it.

It was good practice though, and if nothing else, it still serves as a dual purpose gift wrap/washcloth that can be used.

One thought on “A Dishie Washcloth

  1. KnitPicks has a ton of free dishcloth patterns you can download that might be easier. Wonder if you can find a way online to help clean up those end bits? The soap is gorgeous!

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