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SoapSudsations started in 2011 as a hobby but has now become a passion. All SoapSudsations soaps are handmade by Monica Glaboff, based out of Vancouver, Canada.

Why SoapSudsations?

SoapSudsations are gentle and adorable enough for children, but adults like them too! While they look and smell good enough to eat, though I don’t encourage anyone to take a bite out of them.

What is important to Monica and sets her soaps apart from others is her attention to detail, use of colours and scent combinations that complement the soaps. SoapSudsations soaps are made by using the highest quality and non-toxic ingredients.

SoapSudsations Soaps are all SLS Free!

All of SoapSudsations products are made SLS Free. Since some people have sensitive skin, all of our soaps are Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) free. SLS can cause skin irritations. Find out more information about SLS Free Soaps, click here!

We Offer Customize Soaps!

If you need something unique for special occasions, such as wedding or party favors, or even a business promotional tool. Soap Sudsations can provide you with a customize personalized soap order. More details about customized orders, click here!

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