At the last fair I participated in, I only had one bath bomb for sale. Of course that’s the time that everyone asks if I have bath bombs. Uh no, not really. One person asked if I had any bath bombs in the shapes of the Stars Wars soaps. Not this time, but it did get me thinking, can it work? Can I make a Death Star bath bomb?

Silicone moulds are great for soap making. They are however, a little harder to pack with bath bomb ingredients. However, the Death Star mould does have fairly thick, inflexible sides. (Sounds like my midriff area!) To start, I had to cover the fill hole so that the materials wouldn’t leak out. I poured in soap to seal it because that to me made sense seeing how it’s all for the bath anyway. I overpacked it, and so wasn’t able to close the mould completely. I’ll know better next time.

The top half umoulded easily enough, but the bottom half was The Resistance. The result?

Death Star bath bomb

A little lopsided, and I had to break some of it to get it out of the mould, but overall, not too bad.

I think it looks like the Death Star just before it exploded. Scented in champagne, it’s both fizzy in scent and when it hits the water!

Death Star bath bomb

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