Gray Elementary Christmas Market

My final craft fair of the year! Phew! I love the making of soaps and other bath and body products and meeting lots of new vendors, but I’m also relieved to have it finished. This was Gray Elementary’s 2nd Annual Christmas Market, and the organizer was kind enough to ask those of us who participated […]

Charity Craft Fair 2016

This was supposed to be posted last week, but due to technical difficulties, I am a week behind. ********************************************************************************************************************* It’s the most craft fair time of the year. There are craft fairs everywhere, some lasting a day, some the entire weekend. This last one I did was a one day one. I’m finding I like these […]

Stephenson’s Suspension Base (or how to make MP look like CP)

One of the things that most of us MP soapers are envious of, when it comes to CP soapers, are how they create those beautiful patterns. For the longest time, we had to either be super duper patient and talented (which I’m not), or come up with other ways to create beautiful designs. A little […]

Manly yes, but I like it too

Fortunately, most people I know are my generation and get the reference in the title. Usually, my soaps are either pretty or cute for kids because it’s my specialty. But, men need to get clean too, in fact, they probably need it more than the kids sometimes. This is my most recent masculine soap; the colours are […]

Halloween, Part I

I wish Hallowe’en was more popular here. I don’t mean just in fireworks (I personally don’t like loud noises) but the decorating, the costumes, and of course, candy! But what if you’re not into rotting out kids’ teeth? What can you give them? Well there are always bath bombs.   or spiders! Who doesn’t like to have […]