As an MP soaper, I rely a lot on moulds to help me create beauty. Although my customers may see a soap for the first time and think it’s lovely, I am ADD (self diagnosed) and get tired of seeing the same thing over and over again. How to make something old a little different? For this Victorian rose mould, I thought I’d try and change up the colours. Rather than making the rose pink or red as I’ve always done in the past, I decided to try a duo tone rose and change up the background colour.

I decided to try it with two different backgrounds to see how it would change the rose. As you can see, the purple really makes the flower stand out, although if you’re more into a more balanced look, the ivory background is more calming. Both soaps were scented with baby rose FO and freesia FO, both from Brambleberry.

Victorian rose ivory


Victorian rose purple


Here’s hoping we get some warmer weather soon so we can see some roses in real life.

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