The first annual spring market at Gray Elementary took place this past Saturday. I have been fortunate enough to be part of their first two winter fairs and now this one. As always the organizers of the event make this a fun market, with lots of different vendors, and the senior students helping out and running their own bake sale. This year, they had Randy Mann bringing in lots of energy and interviewing the vendors. (we’re interviewed at 5:39 in the video if you want to skip ahead).

It’s gotten to the point where I no longer do a dry run of my setup at home first, but rather I have a general idea of how I want my setup look and fill in empty spots as I go along.

It’s hard to know what to have extras of, and what I can not bother with, given time constraints. I had no doubt that the LEGO men would sell, but I was surprised at how few of the little LEGO men sold; those used to be my best sellers. Another surprise was that not one T-Rex sold this time, they are always a big hit too!

The Star Wars themed soaps are always great for catching people’s attention at least.

My best seller this time was the lotion bar. I personally love them for their portability and customers loved how soft and yummy they smelled. I will definitely have to make more before the next fair.

2 thoughts on “Gray Elementary Spring Market

    • It’s always nice to meet other vendors and see what creativity abounds. That’s the one thing about working fairs, is you just never know what’s going to be a success.

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