We had a cold February: it was snowing a couple of days, which for us west coasters, is unusual and causes panic. It’s like the scene in Chicken Run where the chickens flap around crazily, in a tizzy, but without the chickens.

Fortunately, we are now back into more moderate temperatures and at least a few warmer, sunnier days mixed in with our usual rainy weather. I don’t mind the rain, it helps things grow, and I can’t wait for all the summer fruits to come into season.

Watermelon is a favourite for MP soapers to make, as it’s colourful, smells great, and who doesn’t like to be reminded of summer. The hardest part, to me, in making watermelon soap is to make the seeds. Fortunately, I have a cup of black soap always at the ready for colouring things like animal eyes or adding accents.

I just used a scraper tool to scrape up bits of black soap and added it into the thin layer of red that was poured, waited for it to solidify and then added the rest of the soaps.

Watermelon soap

I love how watermelon FO smells, and it can be combined with lots of other scents to create all sorts of yumminess.

Watermelon soap

Watermelon soap

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