and even here on the West Coast, we’re still getting snow. Snow? Isn’t this the land of the mild temperatures? Although I recall there being one year when it snowed quite heavily on Valentine’s Day making for a lot of last minute cancellations.

If you’re planning on going out and playing in the snow, or staying inside with a loved one, these lotion bars are perfect for both occasions. These bars are made with cocoa butter, sweet almond oil and beeswax, all good for you ingredients with no nasty preservatives. They warm up with the heat of your body and soak into the skin beautifully, leaving you (or your partner) feeling soft and touchable. Scented with chocolate espresso to enhance the cocoa scent, they are great for anytime, anywhere.

These lotion bars come in a reusable container so they’re portable, because who couldn’t use a little softness in this weather?

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