I had my first fair of the holiday season on Sunday, at the community centre close to where I work. So close in fact, a few of the attendees recognized me, and I them. It was nice to see familiar faces, but also to meet some new ones. The event was a fundraiser for the preschool, and so was well attended by many families. There were also student volunteers, ensuring the vendors were watered and fed, and to provide assistance where needed. It was nice to see so many people helping out their community.

I set up my table a little differently this time: I had purchased labels from Vistaprint, and so instead of having price tags in front of all my product and cluttering up my table, people only had to look on the back of the products and look at the whiteboard for the corresponding price. Not a bad idea if I do say so myself.

I did keep some labels though, because it’s good to remind people that the soaps are handcrafted and unique and although the soaps look and smell yummy, probably not a good idea to take a bite.

Funnily though, my accessories, such as the booties shown below, and my gift bags, seemed to be a bigger hit than the soaps themselves.


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