As I mentioned in last week’s post, we have staff who are leaving us. Some were only here for a temporary contract, but we have two who are moving on to other schools and one who is retiring. I want them to remember that they are forever part of our school, for the memories they helped to make. To that end, I made them each a dishcloth with a dragon on it, since that is our mascot.

I found this pattern while perusing Pinterest (so what else is new?) and thought it was perfect. It was fairly simple to do, as long as you can follow instructions (which I can do sometimes) and I managed to make three with a few days to spare.

dragon dishcloth

If I had been thinking ahead, I would’ve picked out some either green or blue yarn as is our school colours. However, this is neutral enough that it should fit with any decor.

dragon dishcloth and soap

Not the same style of dragon, but same genus right?

wrapped up dragon dishcloth and soap

All wrapped up



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