We had a few days of summer like weather, and then nature turned around, laughed in our faces as the temperatures dropped back to more normal range. But now we’re back into warm sunny days again, which reminds us that summer is around the corner.

I wanted to make a soap that is summery and has an interesting design. I’ve seen designs like this one before, albeit they were much more well done than this. It also helped that they were made in a loaf pan, but I wanted to make one to see if I liked it. I chose yellow, red and white because they are bright colours and seem fruity. So the fragrances in this are raspberry kisses and lemon cheesecake. It also makes me think somewhat of creamsicles, which to me are what summers are about.

Sherbet soap


Sherbet soap


Sherbet soap

Next time, I will be more careful about measuring the layers so they come out more even.

sherbet soap

What makes you think instantly of summer? Have a great week!

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