Valentine’s Part II

I needed more hearts so that I’d have enough for everyone at work. This is very bad of me to stereotype, but I thought male teachers wouldn’t be as interested in getting red hearts, and in the interest of equality, I decided to make these hearts for both the male and female teachers. I used […]

It’s still winter

and even here on the West Coast, we’re still getting snow. Snow? Isn’t this the land of the mild temperatures? Although I recall there being one year when it snowed quite heavily on Valentine’s Day making for a lot of last minute cancellations. If you’re planning on going out and playing in the snow, or staying inside […]

Trying things, new and old

As always, when I visit my sister, I come back with a fuller suitcase than I left with, even though I have the best intentions of having it the reverse. What does this have to do with today’s post you wonder? Well, her gifts to me are partly what inspired this soap. Fortunately, I didn’t […]