Embeds add such a nice touch to melt and pour soaps. They can create a point of interest in an otherwise plain soap (which is also lovely), but can also be a means to an end. In this case, there is an eraser to be had once the soap is used up.

Embedding is, in theory, very simple:  pour a thin layer of clear soap, wait for it to harden enough to hold the weight of an object, then pour in the background. However, the thin layer has to be at the right temperature in order to not have bubbles or get too cloudy. I have made many attempts at this and not always successfully. This time, I made sure not to overheat and I waited for a thin layer to form before pouring into the mould. Then, I actually waited the several minutes for the soap to harden before gently placing the eraser inside.

motorcycle eraser embed

I went with a blue background on this one to give it a feeling of riding in the open air.

My next eraser embed, I decided to do a little fancier. The eraser of course is the main attraction, but it could use some accents. The guitar reminds me of Led Zeppelin and so I thought I’d do a sort of psychedelic swirl behind it.

guitar eraser embed

I really liked the way they turned out. I used Brambleberry’s Energy FO as a crisp, neutral scent.

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