Happy 2018! How did it get to be more than halfway into the January already? Boy, times does fly!

I took a break after my 4 winter craft fairs last year and it’s been nice. However, eventually one does get to wanting to do something creative again. I tend to bake more just because I can eat far more than I can clean myself, but soaping is a different type of creativity (and less fattening).

I, like most people, gave away my fair share of gifts for Christmas, but I feel a lot of people give at that time of year, and however nice a gift is, the sentiment behind a gift sometimes get lost in the shuffle. Also, because I am not as organized as I’d like to be, many people don’t get gifts at Christmas.

I decided that I would make some soaps for Valentine’s to show my appreciation to friends and co-workers.

These hearts were made with a mould that I sadly had to say good bye to after this last batch. The plastic was brittle and cracked as I unmoulded the soap. But it had served me well for a good number of years.

red and white hearts

I used goat’s milk and glycerine tinted with red for these soaps and scented the red with orange sherbet FO. Smells delicious! I love doing the swirling of the soaps because you never know what patterns will emerge and it makes each soap a little different.

I decided to make a mini loaf with some of the hearts and put the remaining ones into other guest size mould. The loaf had a dark base to set it off from the hearts, but the rest is mostly clear. This is what it looks like cut up. I scented the bottom with raspberry FO to keep with the fruity theme.

Cut up hearts in loaf

The remaining hearts were placed into rectangular moulds. I tried to make the bottom layer at an angle, but because the colour wasn’t really dark, it’s hard to tell that it’s angled, but it does seem to fade into the clear portion and in the end it’s the hearts that are supposed to be the main star.

guest heart soap

guest heart soap


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